Team Building: Chicago does Paintball, Doejo Russia does Strike Ball

Back in March our local team hit up the dystopian paint ball grounds of CPX Sports in Joliet (hitting up sites with names like “Armageddon” and the “Wastelands”). There were multiple shades of cammo, multicolored ammo and everyone seemed to gang up on project manager Igor in the end. Poor guy. 

But across the world last weekend, Doejo Russia got out of the office for some Strike Ball. If you’re asking yourself what Strike Ball is (like I was), it’s pretty much the same as a paintball but without paint, it’s more of an honor system. And they got some great shots in with their camera as well.

Check out Doejo Chicago and Doejo Russia taking out some aggression from staring at PHP code and WordPress backends all day.

Doejo Chicago

Doejo Russia

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