Thank you, google chrome team!

I use keyboard shortcuts heavily. There’s one thing that always annoyed me on Mac. To close an application one would hit “Command + Q”. When you in multi-tab application such as browser to close a tab you would use “Command + W”. Now look at the picture below, and recognize the problem.

Mac keyboard

“Q” and “W” are next to each other so it’s easy to close the whole app instead of closing a tab. You have to reopen the application (gladly chrome has restore tabs feature), but you loose precious time.

Recently Google Chrome added a nice feature. That would protect you from this foe.

Google Chrome

If you turn this feature on, and accidentaly hit “Command + Q” browser wouldn’t close. You need to hold the keys pressed for several seconds to close an app. That’s a great feature and should be ON by default. Proximity of buttons issue is easily fixed.

Thank you, Google Chrome team!