The Analog Hardware Startup

Product development and design are often top of mind for startups.  Most of the time startups are dealing with software, but what about hardware startups?

One of our friends, Michael Una, recently launched a hardware device called the Beep-It.

Check it out.

[vimeo 19896216 w=400 h=209]

Beep-it! from Michael Una on Vimeo.

Unatronics started in 2010  like Apple in the 1970s, complete with wooden prototype and all.  First the products exclusively by hand, but now they have figured out all the logistics of getting some of their devices manufactured overseas.

About a year ago gave Unatronics $1000 bucks to build their next device, and soon after they launched their high end sequencer ‘the seeq it.’  Fast forward a year later and Michael Una has launched

It has taken a little bit more cash than a thousand bucks to launch Unatronics, but for a modest amount, they are now well on their way to being a niche instrument manufacturer.

Products like beep it remind us that some of the most innovative stuff can be done by sticking to a simple idea and iterating on it.  So find your inner Steve Jobs, and launch something!

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