The Blank Sheet Project

“All creative people are aware of the unique challenge posed by the screaming silence of a Blank Sheet of Paper. It is a call to arms and an opportunity: an opportunity to create something lasting and memorable, to challenge traditional thinking and to be innovative, creative, even radical. Whatever our profession, we each have the opportunity to use the power of creativity to truly leave our mark. The Blank Sheet Project is the platform for inspirational creative excellence.”

The Blank Sheet Project is a concept any creative can understand. This project and website is giving designers a chance to go back to the basics to create truly great design. A vareity of prominent creatives will discuss their own idea of the blank sheet of paper. They discuss their own industries and the development of design from their years of experience. Its a really neat idea and unique way to look at the creative process. More designers should explore and start to consider the blank sheet of paper in their own work.

Visit the project for yourself!

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