The Leapyear Project and Doejo

There’s something both powerful and constraining about time. “There’s just not enough hours in the day,” we say bound to our bottomless coffees.

But what if there was? What would you do?

Using 2012’s impending leap year as a metaphor—that extra February day we get every four years—Victor Saad is challenging people to create projects that could change the world for the better. Starting in January, the 26-year-old Chicagoan set out on an 18-month journey on the intersection of art /design, business, and social change crafting The Leapyear Project.

In 12 months, he’ll be thrown into 12 educational experiences in an effort to create his own personal (and highly practical) MBA program, through shadowing entrepreneurs, finding apprenticeships, taking unusual classes, traveling cross-country to places he’s never been—all while inspiring others on his path to make risks like him, and take a leap.

Victor’s first leap? Coming here to Doejo shadowing CEO and co-founder Phil Tadros. Victor came to us a month ago to help Phil and Kaite B. explore how we can do more non-profit and community projects, dubbing these endeavors “The Doejo Foundation.”

Read more about how you can get involved in The Leapyear Project, where Victor is heading next and his experience here at Doejo. Good luck Victor!