The Peep Show Series #1

So, we decided to run a weekly blog posting on getting to know our team over here within the walls of doejo. We are a unique team of individual talents that culminate into one power house of design “kick ass” (as john link would say). This series will do a short profile on each of our team members and you’ll get a little peep show of some things they carry, cherish, eat, sleep with, and don’t leave home without. So take a peek at our first two designers Elizabeth Gilmore and Rachel Vorm

An intimate and short interview with designer Liz Gilmore

Q. What’s the best thing about doejo?

A. The fact that its a place that welcome all ideas, no matter what your background. All of that energy and inspiration really makes for some spectacular ideas and design solutions. We do things differently and that’s what I love. There isn’t a certain way to do something and with that freedom you’re able to just let the magic happen. Oh and I like working next door to Crisp.

Q. Are you related to the Gilmore Girls?

A. Yes.

Q. Whats your favorite thing about doejo?

A. The chicks.

Q. What item don’t you leave home without?

A. Red lipstick so I can get chicks. 


A socially awkward interview with designer Rachel Vorm:

Q. How would you describe your design style?

A. Terrible. 

Q. You’re the fresh meat here at the office. What have you learned during your 3 months so far at doejo?

A. Um, well I’m vegetarian so I take offense by that. …(pause)… However, it’s really awesome to find a place where there are so many different types of designers here. We have people here that do print design and then we have people that develop their own php framework. Doejo is a one-stop shop for any client that needs an entire creative aresenal. Bang bang!!

Q. What item don’t you leave home without?

A. Dog hair.

Stay tuned for more entertaining installments of The Peep Show and get to know more doejoers!

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