The Peep Show Series #2

Yes, it’s back. That time where we empty our hearts…. and our bags and to present to you the Peep Show Series! This week we are showcasing two awesome team members (and not just because one is the owner). So sit down with your mocha frappe late and your potbellys sandwich.  It’s not Friday yet, so take a break from listening to hit-sensation Rebecca Black and get to know a little more about our doejo-ers Phil Tadros and Roman Efimov!

A spastic yet profound interview with doejo’s owner, THE Phil Tadros (while he is multi-tasking on his iPhone and fighting robots):

Q. So why are you taking my photo with your phone right now as I talk to you?

A. Because my photo tumblr is very important to me, i once tried to Velcro a video camera to my head but the cords were annoying. 

Q. What don’t you leave home without?

A. My phone/camera/portal-to-all-information-in-the-world device. 

Q. How would you describe doejo in 3 words?

A.  Launching. People. Businesses.

Q. If the story of doejo were to be made into a movie, who would play you and would play your co-worker Roman Effimov (see his interview below, it’s a “winner”)?

A. Tony Danza would play me and Roman would be played by Charlie Sheen.

Q. How does doejo stand out amongst the flood of “design agencies”?

A. We are scrappy but big picture, the talent all under one roof is insane. Many agencies cannot rock out all parts of the web well. We are really open as we grow and take shape and i actually do not know many small design agencies in Chicago that are as heavily armed with interactive capabilities and range like us. 


An interview that had to be translated out of PHP and into English with programmer, Roman Efimov:

Q. What is the best thing about doejo?

We have awesome team of designers and developers, all really smart and creative people. Also, I wake up at 10am and it’s ok!

Q. Is it true that you are a Russian spy?

No. *Putting dark glasses on and looking around with precaution*

Q. So I hear you wrote your own PHP MVC framework…. is that similar to writing LOL OMG BRB on FB?

Ehhhh Someting like that. The framework is called Sonata (, it is inspired by the Cocoa/UIKit frameworks by Apple. My main goal was to make PHP code look beautiful and get over legacy PHP code standards. w00t, AFK!


Thats all kiddos… stay tuned for next week or in case you missed last weeks showcase of teammates, check them out here!

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