The Peep Show Series #4

Helloooooo viewers! This week we have the pleasure of chit-chatting with two fine, distinguished and notorious gentleman here at doejo HQ. Not only are they probably the tallest men in the office but they are also the most charming (I was paid to say that). So put down Words with Friends or Angry Birds and take a chomp down on something more palpable and real: an internet interview with two dudes you’ve probably never met. So here we are, illustrator extraordinaire Jason F (aka Homeless Cop) and programmer Patrick Aubin (aka Patrick Aubin). 

I only know how to use my hands to make art……I think hands are cooler than computers – j.f.

A badass and trippy interview with Jason F:

Q. So where does the name “Homeless Cop” come from?

A. A long time ago I played in a band that had 99 songs on the album. We were just throwing words together for song titles, and Homeless Cop just stuck, I thought, I’m gonna use that as my art name someday…..It has absolutely nothing to do with being a homeless person or a police man.

Q.  Your paintings and murals look so crisp and sharp yet you dont use the computer whatsoever in any part of that process? Why not?

A. I think computers are cool, but I just didn’t grow up using them or trying to understand them. I only know how to use my hands to make art. I’ve been drawing and creating stuff all my life with these hands. I think hands are cooler than computers.

Q. How did you enter the doejo family?

A. The Honorable Mr. Phil Tadros is a friend of a friend, and he’s always liked my artwork. I was laid off from my job about a year ago, right about the time he was opening his new coffee shop, Kickstand. We threw some paintings in there, and since then we’ve produced TV commercials and billboards for Adult Swim. In the works is a 15 minute stoner comedy cartoon, prints, and t-shirts……..I Love working at Doejo. Being creative for a living is the key to happiness for me.

Q. You use paint markers to create all of your artwork. Do you ever get high from all the marker fumes?

A. Usually the music is up too loud in my headphones to even notice.

Q. If we were to walk in on you in your apartment, unannounced, what would we most likely find you doing?

A. Acting like Larry David. Or sleeping.

Q. You have some bad ass and imaginative imagery in your paintings. Where do these creations of computer head elephants and one-eyed business men come from? I bet your dreams are whack!

A. Where does Slash get the notes for his guitar solos? I’m inspired by Jean Michael Basquiat, Picasso, TV, money, beautiful women, etc. My dreams are totally Awesome, and when they invent machines to Tivo dreams I’m going to be the next Coen brother. I dream every night, and I feel sorry for people that don’t.

Q. What are the three most played songs in your music library? (Don’t lie!)

A. Nirvana  “On a Plain,” Robert Johnson  “Love in Vain,” and Souls of Mischief  “93 till Infinity”


Projects coming and going.  I like the movement here; keeps a jig like me fresh as a dang cucumber.– p. aubin

A bizarre, A.D.D. and informative chat with Patrick Aubin:

Q. We are gonna play the game 2 truths and a lie. So what are yours?

A. (1) I’m terrified of bears.  (2) When I was kid (still am a kid at heart, you know? I’m a kid at heart. I kidd.)), I wanted to grow up and become a janitor. (3) I own less than 100 items.  SIKE! These are all true, bro.

Q. Well you totally ruined the game, but moving on…. I can’t help but notice your Ed Hardy neck tattoos…. are these from THE REAL Edward Hardy?

A. Believe it or not the tats are real.  I’m really inspired by the Hardy’s story. Ed Hardy lived most of his public life as a British politician near the beginning of the 20th century.  He lived a relatively uneventful political life in the city of Salford in the United Kingdom until his death in 1960.  An autopsy revealed that underneath that ol’ Hardy British sensibility and quiet politeness, just a few millimeters underneath his typically dapper jet black drape suit, he was adorned with a pretty gnarly clavicle-to-toe body suit of tattoos.  Don Ed Hardy was “inspired” by the original Ed Hardy.   Read more on the original Ed Hardy.

Q. Thank you for that brief history lesson, Pat. So what’s the best thing about working at doejo?

A. People start and finish things.  Anything and everything.  Homeless Cop started drawing a mural of a dang elephant on the wall in front of me, looks like it’ll be finished soon.  I’m not just talking murals of elephants and robots,  I’m talking web apps, mobile apps, print media; people are always starting or finishing something.  Projects coming and going.  I like the movement here; keeps a jig like me fresh as a dang cucumber.  Want to know something else?  The smell.  It smells good here. It’s that orange spray, I tell you what.  

Q. ….(pause)….. Well, smell is definitely important, especially with a room full of dudes. (awkward laugh) It’s nice to see some art on the walls here now too. I see you have brought in a little plant art of your own on your desk. That is an awesome bright green plant in your photo, what is it and does it have any special meaning?

A. Ross the moss.  It’s not my moss, it’s my roommate’s.  I pilfered my roommate’s moss.  Come to think of it, I’m pretty prolific pilferer of my roommate’s possessions.  Anyway, Ross is a pretty boss moss at a low cost from Strack and Van Til, my local independent grocer in da Logan Squares here in Chicago.   The moss doesn’t have a particularly special meaning; although, it does feel great to rub the back of your hand or cheek on it while listening to with your eyes closed.

Q. If you went missing for 2 days and we had to go on a manhunt to find you, where is the most likely place we’d discover you?

A. Likely in my room. Sleeping.  Under my bed.  I’ve slept under my bed before.  It’s hilariously exhilarating.   “Where’s Pat?”, my roommate says as I lay under my bed teehee’n for days.  “He pilfered my moss again.” Teeheeteehee.

Ok folks, I’m going to go pet Pat’s moss….(thats what she said). If you want to check out more Peep Show interrogations check them out here!

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