Tiny but Mighty Popcorn, Tinyvox, Greater > Than and other Top-Secret projects…

doejo screenshot roundup

Continuing tradition in good company, today brings another peek into some of the projects we’ve got going on at Doejo. Liz is banging out some fresh labels for a hot little popcorn co. You can catch some of Rachel and friends Brian Beard, and Spencer Matern awesome art at WE MADE THINGS, across the way at Loose Leaf. We’re also making final preparations for the launch of Next Door cafe, Aug 1 at 659 W Diversey. Roman is updating our favorite mobile mobile tape deck, TinyVox. Nysa swapping new Greater > Than labels on Facebook and prepping their new storefront. Jason and team HC are prepping a rad new Kickstarter video, while Noah and Phil are whipping up some interesting things in the pipeline, per usual. On the latter Garrett, Mark and Adam are working on all things BuzzDraft, Marko is out kayaking somewhere in the boondocks,  Kristina on our newest cosmic interest, SmallDates, Rachel also workin SoupBox and Olive Films… .and Dan is hush hush on a little top-secret internal project at Groupon. 

More to come.