Try these helpful social media resources from the Doejo toolbox

Here at Doejo, we love blogging and social media for both internal and client projects. So, we’ve filled our digital toolboxes with these sites to make the blogging/social media experience a lot easier and you should too. Here are some awesome free tools that we’ve used to jazz up our Doejo blogging/posting experiences:


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If you’re blogging about an event you attended, this is the best way to bring life to your post and add variety. We’ve used Storify to create some of our Technori Pitch posts and it worked really well. It’s really easy to use and brings the thoughts of others on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to your fingertips.

After attending an event (especially events filled with young techies whose hands are always glued to their smartphones), Storify allows you to search Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Google for posts from the event. There’s no need to embed video, upload screenshots or copy links; you just click, grab and place the content you want to use. Tell your story through moment-to-moment tweets, or add in your own content. When you’re done with the post, Storify can even send messages to the Twitter users mentioned in your post.



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When you’re managing multiple social media accounts, multi-tasking is mandatory. IFTTT (short for ‘If This, Then That’) helps you in the process of multi-tasking by setting up chain reactions. For example, if I post a status on Facebook, then the same message will also be uploaded to Twitter. With 64 channels, your daily tasks can become so much easier and efficient. Channels include sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail and Dropbox.


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Managing multiple Twitter accounts can be chaotic, trust us. But with HootSuite, tweeting is a breeze. Whether you’re managing your personal account, business account, client accounts, or all at once, you can stay logged on to them all, all at the same time. This site even allows you to schedule tweets in advance, which is great of you’re going on a vacation or need to send out a tweet at 8 am (while you’re still commuting to work).


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It’s always good to have backups of your work. With Dropbox you can store your content or even photos to a cloud-based platform to ensure you won’t lose your hard work. Dropbox is also good for collaborations since you can share files with others and make updates. If you’re sending out press kits to the media, this is the simplest way to store and send all of your photos, logos and documents about your brand or new product, for example. Dropbox allows you to share links to your Dropbox folder so you do not have to spend all of your time waiting for attachments to download in Gmail.

Twitter Counter

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Track your progress on Twitter with Twitter Counter. This free service allows you to track the numer of followers you gain or lose, as well as the number of tweets you make each day. However, if you want more information on the number of mentions you receive or retweets, you can upgrade to a premium account for $17 per month.


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If you spend part of your day reading industry blogs or your Twitter feed, you’re probably going to come across a handful of articles that pique your interest. Sometimes you may not have time to read all of those links, but instead of saving a Word document of random URLs, download Pocket. This app allows you to store webpages in one place by copying the link to your clipboard, sending an email, importing it from an app or using a bookmarklet. Pocket also allows you to share saved pages with your friends (via email and social media), making it a perfect place to store links you want to post in the future. 


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Coming up with content to post on your social media sites or blogs can be a difficult task. With Alltop, you can read up on the most popular news stories and find articles to link to on Twitter and Facebook. You can even add feeds from your favorite blogs, like TechCrunch and Mashable, to have all the news you need on one page.


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Next time you’re revamping a website, or simply showing a co-worker a blog post you find interesting, try Markup. This Chrome extension allows you to to markup webpages with arrows, circles and even text boxes. Once you have added your makes, Markup creates a URL of the marked page and allows you to share it with others.