Twitter Chat with Chicago Ideas Week

If your job involves being creative—which it probably does since you’re reading this blog—you don’t want to miss our upcoming Twitter Chat. Twitter Chats are public conversations held on Twitter that revolve around a single topic. These chats, typically full of industry experts, can be followed by using a hashtag determined by chat organizers.

On Tuesday, December 11th we are hosting a Twitter Chat with Chicago Ideas Week. In addition to live tweeting the chat we will also be live streaming it from the Doejo Headquarters.

The topic of the upcoming chat is “Scaling Creativity.” We recently sat down with Chicago Ideas Week to flesh out the questions that will be presented during the chat. Based on how lively our meeting was this Twitter Chat is going to be packed with tips on how to harness creativity, ramp up office culture, ignite passion and stay movitavated when working on client projects. 

To join the chat, simply head over to the Chicago Ideas Week Twitter page (@ChicagoIdeas) on Tuesday at 11 a.m. and follow the #IdeasChat hashtag. You can also take a peek at the Twitter Chats Chicago Ideas Week has hosted in the past on their Storify page.