Uber, an on-demand private driver app, visits Doejo

Uber is an on-demand accessible luxury car service, all controlled by mobile app. Getting from point A to point B has never been easier—or classier.

When you request an Uber car, a black town car picks you up with hassle-free online payment (tip included), all manageable by Uber’s dispatch software-integrated iPhone or Android app. You can seriously track your car coming on a map in the app. It’s awesome. 

Phil is an Uber evangelist. As a matter of fact the guys at Uber were kind enough to give us a promo code that will take $15 off any new Uber user’s first ride. The code is “Doejo,” if you haven’t already guessed (you can use the code or click the link).

Allen Penn, the general manager of Uber Chicago and Max Crowley, the community manager, paid a visit to the Doejo offices to talk about expanding Uber’s reach and range of opportunities.

In situations where there are a lot of crowds and no cabs, they’re there—whether it’s after a Bulls game, a concert, event or even a restaurant experience. Uber has even teamed up with Chicago Restaurant Week, offering free car services to one partner restaurant a day—today is at Sunda by the way.

To Uber, your phone is more than just a phone, it’s an emailed concert ticket, directions to a show, a camera and blogging/ social media platform. So, for it to also be a pre-paid car service just makes sense—and your night out that more seamless, Allen says. Why bring your wallet?

It’s an interesting space to provide a service to, he says, establishments rewarding its best customers or agencies taking out clients who don’t want to fuss with cabs. Uber gives a restaurant the ability to offer free rides home to customers, for example. And since many agencies and tech companies budget in cab fare for clients and employees, why not make it easier for them with a easily manageable Uber account?

For individual users, especially in a major city where few own a car, there’s a core transportation need. With or without an accessible taxi option, many users—out with friends, on a date or in remote areas—are willing to pay a bit more for a better experience, Allen says. And Uber is looking into as many permeations of that as possible. And that’s why Uber is a startup we love. 

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