Upgrading a super startup’s visual identity: Strobe

When it comes to creative art direction and branding, nobody does it better than Doejo.

Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Strobe, a West Coast tech startup from the creator of SproutCore, Charles Jolley. Strobe creates native-feeling multi-device applications (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.) like NPR’s Chrome app, which is fantastically innovative if you get a chance to check it out.

So this is what we offered Strobe: That sweet new logo comes with a 25-page style guide and manual on how to use it properly — suitable usage, precise color hues, treatment specifications (from business cards and stationary to the corporate website), typography, you name it! Heck, if they decide to produce a line of Strobe Snuggies for corporate outings, you better believe their staff will be wrapped in Doejo design awesomeness. Take a look.