We also make art!!

doejo maybe known for rocking out bad-ass web apps and drinking obscene amounts of coffee but we can also make stuff…. with our HANDS! Tomorrow, doejo-er Rachel Vorm will be sharing her artistic creations with the public at Looseleaf Tea Lounge! (2915 N Broadway) She will be showcasing her works along with fellow illustrator Brian Beard!

So what do you get when you put a 6’5″ tall boy that likes to wear neon patterned swim trunks and a blue-eyed, farm girl that enjoys placenta imagery??  This art show. Rachel tried to make a promo video… here is her attempt:

Art Show 6/1 from Elizabeth Gilmore on Vimeo.

Join us tomorrow from 6-10pm, JULY 1ST for the opening of “we made things,” by Rachel and Brian…. a curious view into the minds of two creatives that will leave us thinking they were even weirder than we thought. It’s a 4 hour long event, and they probably won’t be there the whole time. Mostly because they have lives that take up hours of Dance, Dance Revolution and buying more plaid shirts.  Come and hang out, grab a tea or a capri sun and let your mind explode with visual wonder. Catch the artists and get a free autograph on your face or perhaps Brian will do his ONE dance move for you at a reasonable cost. The show will be showcased at the wonderful Looseleaf Tea Lounge for the next month. 🙂 Check out the photos below of the fantastically weird world of a Vorm Beard. For more event details, here is the obligatory facebook event