We came. We drank. We developed.

Doejo’s first hackathon was last weekend, and we had an awesome time. Four teams finished an application, and after twelve pizzas and over a hundred beers, they produced some pretty cool stuff:

• A browser-based fishing game that you could control with your Android or iOS phone
• An application that uses the Google Maps API to track exactly where you’d be at specific times during a marathon so that your family and friends can come see you
• A browser app that lets you join a “crew” and share links among your friends, giving you notifications when there’s something new to look at
• A smartphone-controlled Nerf machine gun (which was exactly as cool as it sounds!)

We also had several teams start a project and abandon it in favor of a cutthroat beer pong tournament.

Feeling sad because you couldn’t make this hack night? Keep an eye on the blog and our Twitter — we hope to hold another one in coming months!