We Invented The 100% Mostest All American Hot Dog Just In Time

To get in the 4th of July weekend spirit we present to you the All American Hot Dog! (oh and some lawn chairs to be lazy on)To be considered a 100% true Doejo All American Hot Dog you need the following: 

1. American Flag: shout out to Betsy Ross on this one! 
2. American Bald Eagle: talons to rip thru said American Flag or just for pretty nails
American Fireworks:
whats more American than blowing things up ? 
4. American  Blue Jean Denim Shorts/jackets/bibs/shoes/hats/buttonups/pants: Its hot, its humid out, what better outfit choice than a thick, heavy blue material!

Thats all you need! Please have a safe weekend and don’t eat too many All American Hot Dogs….we haven’t worked out all the tweaks yet.

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