we whistle while we work

We are so hard at work over here at world HQ that we’re all jamming out to some of our favorite tunes. Yes, some of us are also whistling and tapping our feet incessantly (…. timur). Thought we’d share with you all what we’re listening to as we currently create an app that will change the world. 

Rachel Doorags Vorm: “Ignition Remix” – R.Kelly (uh, wtf rachel…) 

Matt Lissner: “Mad World Remix” – Gary Jules

John Lendman: “A Decade under the Influence” – Taking Back Sunday

Masha Safina: “Found Out” – Caribou

Noah Rothschild: “Crowd Noise” – Phish

Adam Kois: “Solitude” – Vince Watson

Kristina Zmaic: “Sunsesame” – Caribou

Dan Sosedoff: “Cities of the Future” – Infected Mushroom

Liz Gilmore: “Shazaaaam, I’m glamorous!” – Leslie Hall

Garrett Galayda: Anything by Battle of the Bands winner, I Can Hear Myself Levitate 🙂

Jeff Merrick: “Somethin To Hold On To” – Jay Electronica 

Patrick Aubin: “Breakfast Window” – Comedian Doug Benson

Timur zz: “Das Model” – Kraftwerk (shocker)

Darren Marshall: “The Garden” – Cut Chemist

Miss Kitty: “I Can Tell You Wanna F*ck” – 504 Boys

Ok, back to work!

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