What’s Greater Than this?

Our friends at CheekyChicago.com wrote up a nice spot on an awesome new favorite coconut water based sports drink you might have heard of…

So many people are drinking coconut water for its high potassium and hydrating qualities, but coconut water alone does not give you enough electrolytes and hydration. I recently spoke to Mark and Jon Sider, Chicago brothers who have created an incredible sports drink called Greater > Than.

Mark and Jon were fed up with all the sugary, artificial, chemically formulated drinks on the market so they decided to actually do something about it. The result is Greater > Than, a drink that is completely all natural. It’s sweetened with stevia and beet sugar as opposed to tons of additives. Powered by coconut water, G>T also includes ingredients to help you hydrate and perform your best while working out. I’ve even heard a few people tell me that the electrolytes in G > T make it a perfect hangover cure.

Mark and Jon worked with top nutritionists and sports scientists to create this low calorie drink, but they didn’t want to skimp on taste. G > T comes in three yummy flavors: lemon lime, tropical and orange. I love the lemon lime, which tastes like a fruity Sprite.  G > T recently launched in Chicago and will soon expand to other states. You can also purchase product on the G > T website.

So, what’s behind the name Greater > Than? Mark and Jon believe that you should never settle for less and that includes what you put in your body.  Be greater than in all that you do!

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