Where in the World is Jeff Merrick?

Or, for that matter, ‘Where in Time is Jeff Merrick?’

Last week, Timur held a special in-house contest. It was a test of skill. A test of talent. A test of crucial creativity… with Photoshop. The results were so epic it took a full day of submissions and deliberations. While some staffers needed off-site trauma counseling, no actual Jeff Merrick’s were harmed in front of or by any green screens.

Check out the runners up:
Marko gets “The most offensive” award for his teenage mothers [Not shown, use your imagination].
Roman gets “The most prolific” award for everything.. he did.. for us.. to see…
Darren gets “The dream come true” award for Bob Ross (being a childhood hero for Jeff)
Garrett gets “The Lisa Frank” award for Unicorn…

The 3 finalists are:
Allison for “The creepiest family of Jeff’s ever”. Awesome faces.
Roman for “The only explosion/fire”. The simplicity.
Masha for “Merrix tricks”. Cool Jeff in a cool movie.

We casted votes and the winner is…
Masha with “Merrix”!!!

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