Why can’t I copy (and paste) multiple pieces of text?

Clarification: As of now, I may hit “command + c” to copy and “command +v” to paste. I would like to be able to hit “command + c + 1” to store another piece of text, and obviously “command + v + 1” to paste that piece of text. Or it may be “command + c + a”… so on and so forth.

I’m not sure if my craving for this particular keyboard-command capability is something that would likely be shared primarily by other writers, or just anyone with a typing-intensive work day. I regularly discuss the idea with programmers, PR and Marketing specialists, and other folks who have a “desk job.” Once they understand exactly what it is that I lustfully wish to be manifested upon my command deck, they understand my dissatisfaction. Often times, they share my frustration.

Even as I write this little blog piece, I wish I had this function available to me.

There is software that half-way remedies this e-complaint of mine. Of all the applications that’re available online, Jumpcut is probably the most capable of quenching my thirst for massive online multitasking.

Jumpcut is an application that provides ‘clipboard buffering’ — that is, access to text that you’ve cut or copied, even if you’ve subsequently cut or copied something else.”

So I guess one may manually store text via this app. Snore. I’m actually struggling to understand what Jumpcut is really offering. How is it different from Stickies?

I’m just going to be a self-serving, needy, millennial-aged brat and say it: I don’t want to have to download a stupid application. I want Apple computers to come complete with this function. I mean, how hard can that really be, right?

I want multiple storage keys for copy and pasting, and I want it NOW!

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