You have superhuman powers

For the past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about ways to systematically predict the future. Ok, maybe not so much predict the future so much as predicting the outcome to particular events, but in this life, in business, in the markets, in gambling, your-bet-is-your-bond… but it ain’t no good to just bet on something, you gotta believe it too homie, and if you believe it like you believe fire is hot, then by golly you’re on to something.

So predicting the future, as silly as it sounds, is real. So real, it’s the kind of thing you can almost practice–so long as you don’t get all syfy on us and get into other universe-boggling ideas. Anyhow.. if you’re really aiming for a certain thing to happen–and really want it badly (for any number of reasons), my bet is that you’ll get it. Sounds simple, sure.. but the counter is also similar, and also just as real, and both are equally volatile.

We’ve all heard of the law of attraction, this mumbo-jumbo idea that this wacky dude named Einstein put together like a hundred years ago. The jist is that like-attracts-like. Ergo, postitive-attracts-positive, and negative-attracts-negative. But it ain’t that simple. I think you need to couple that with something I heard recently from one of our clients, Matthew Linklater–who’s consequently publishing a book and offers training for these kinds of things–has explained it me as a value/belief system. In a nutshell, if you have a goal, and truly believe you’re capable of reaching it you will–keep it positive, cast away doubt, and you’ll get it.

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