After years of working with amazing west coast clients and partners we’ve scratched the itch to head west and opened up a second office in LA.

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Selected Work


KTLA – Bringing the news to Angelenos.

As one of only ten VIP partners, we’ve been helping Tribune Broadcasting bring local news to over 90 million people on a monthly basis. In 2011 we started working with station group LocalTV and continued with twice as many station sites after their acquisition by Tribune Broadcasting in 2013. After re-launching all Tribune sites to use the common platform powered by and our responsive theme, traffic across their portfolio is up over 300%. Tribune Broadcasting is now in the comScore Top 50 U.S. Web Properties.


Generating buzz

Our partners at Automattic & Team51 reached out for help in conceiving a new destination site for MLS’s newest soccer franchise, the Los Angeles Football Club. The team replacing Chivas U.S.A is backed by an incredible investment team and will truly be open by design. On the site fans can engage and learn more details about the expansion soccer club.


A Candid look at the Day in the life of those who inspire

Ditlo, short for day in the life of, is a new site showcasing visual interviews of trending people, places and things that launches today. A visual powerhouse, ditlo plans to generate an average of 500 images weekly.Every day ditlo will be posting stunning photos and videos that give visitors an intimate look into the lives of their subjects. Each of these visual interviews will contain around 40 images. Subjects include fascinating people from all walks of life: actors, musicians, comedians, writers, designers, and, our personal favorite, entrepreneurs.Doejo worked with the ditlo team to create the engaging, photo-heavy website and develop their presence on social media. Check out the new ditlo site here or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or Pheed.


Bootstrapping Success

Being there at the beginning with the brainchild of vyrt one infamous Jared Leto, Vyrt came to us early on to help them build an MVP for their social concert platform on a short timeline and a mindful budget relying on available tools to get them to market fast in time for scheduled events. Defying the infancy of streaming capabilities of the time we built a nearly crash proof multi device hd live streaming platform for their live concerts with redundant backups way before streaming live in HD was cool. Looking at you the royal wedding… and john stewart.



RaceHero® brings everything about race day to your pocket in a fun, social way. Access entry lists, schedules, live timing and results from any device. Use it to track, analyze and share your racing or simply to bench race with your buddies.


Helping growing companies build out their workspace.

As yet to be announced new tool for a successful office workspace company, we’re helping them build an MVP to better help growing companies and startups alike maximize their office space with a focus on flow and habitability.


Upgrading a super startup’s visual identity

That sweet new logo comes with a 25-page style guide and manual on how to use it properly — suitable usage, precise color hues, treatment specifications (from business cards and stationary to the corporate website), typography, you name it! Heck, if they decide to produce a line of Strobe Snuggies for corporate outings, you better believe their staff will be wrapped in Doejo design awesomeness. VIP since 2011


As one of the few featured VIP partners in the world, we build enterprise solutions for today’s largest publishers. You get a highly customizable platform from one of the most popular and trusted content management systems, backed by VIP cloud hosting and support.

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