48 Hour Film Project + Doejo

I Philip Tadros, founder of Doejo have been toying with wanting to create content for entertainment as far back as i can imagine. I remember making music videos in my basement with my brother Merik Tadros who has spent most of his career in Hollywood acting in or making movies. I once made a movie in Brian Spagnolo’s basement about a gangster and a boxer when i was in grade school. I have embarrassingly created music videos and commercials for people that never asked me to just because i wanted to create them. I use to try and film my entire day on my phone before it was even really possible or common. So i resorted to basically becoming the unofficial founder of Instagram by saving an email address as a contact in my Palm Treo so i could post to my Tumblr blog daily photos going as far back as 2008 and i haven’s missed a day since. I made a web series called MetroBlurb a little ahead of it’s time. So you could say i’m secretly, and i say secretly obsessed with wanting to create content because i have always put it on the back burner.

We once produced 12 Bumps for Turner Broadcast / Adult Swim along with the National Billboard campaign.

Usually when your life gets shaken up and you get to “start over” often not by choice, it becomes a blessing, a cleansing of sorts. I take this time reset my goals and ambitions and apply my experience and hustle into an industry i feel i’m built for. Ideas, Planning and Production. Building teams to create something magical. Capturing it all in a time capsule and moving on to the next moment, the next movement. Film, content.

Doejo is now looking to produce independent content and has joined the 48 Hour Film Project to launch Episode 1 of a new Series called “Done With People”. We are very excited about the talent we have created so far and we look to shoot on Aug 24th 2019. We have 11 more episodes to shoot so if you are interested in getting involved, please feel free to reach out: phil@doejo.com

See you in the future!

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