Google has a TikTok Problem

TikTok is forcing all social media platforms like Instagram and the rest of the Meta family, but TikTok is coming for search. TikTok in the future is going to take on Google because it’s much … Continued

Start-Up Valuation(s)

There is the development stage valuation approach, often used by angel investors and venture capital firms to quickly come up with a rough-and-ready range of company value. Such “rule of thumb” values are typically set by the investors, depending … Continued

Secret Language Network shows how astrology can craft a relationship profile between any two individuals born during any two weeks of the year. The result is an indispensable guide to getting the most out of every relationship. Secret Language is the most efficient matchmaking app on the planet for romance, friendship, and business, designed for an iPhone. For almost two decades, I have been a major fan of Gary Goldschneider’s famous … Continued

Use Cases in Assessing Technology Companies

Use cases in technology company information architecture remains an important aspect of development and strategic management, including organizational direction and process requirements. Assessing technology company use cases can be useful in optimizing organizational or marketing … Continued

Cardano & Ethereum Smart Contracts

Smart contracts have a high demand amid the extents of remote and outsourced work in the world. Workers ranging from CEOs to freelancers have uses and potential demands for them. Writing them to quality standard … Continued

Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Introduction Affiliate marketing platforms have been integral in critical aspects of e-commerce business operations, and strategies have been adapted to changing technology and further risks associated with marketplace variables. Large marketplaces have been providing consumers … Continued


Playing With An AI Generator

Philip Tadros is the Founder and CEO of Doejo an award winning Innovation Studio and INC 5,000 Company. Tadros also Founded and Manages Space by Doejo a Co-working loft in River North. Tadros was casted … Continued

Chicago Prop Rental Companies

Prop rental companies have been able to expand their business reach and strategies greatly with the rise of e-commerce processes and technologies. Website technologies and livestream organizations have allowed expanded and optimized reach with social … Continued