A social media platform you can hear: TinyVox

Here’s a perfect example of our savvy app-crafting skills: TinyVox. Check it — we created an app that digitally records sound bites, lectures, snippets of you spittin’ rhyme for that country-techno concept album you’re working on, (…anything!) and transforms it into an MP3 to send out to the world. Think of it like a Twitpic but with sound. And you can post these voice messages on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, SoundCloud, or email them. Wait, you don’t already have TinyVox?! Download it free here.

We’re excited to bring this idea into reality from the Jedi-punk mind of Srini Kumar (of Sticker Nation fame and Unamerican.com) to build the customized iOS app and dropbox storage platform, as well as this sweet retro cassette-tape deck look.  If you’re not already recording voxes for your friends, get to the app store stat.

TinyVox site design and app screen shots