Adobe tools in your app

Adobe’s new SDK may signal the ability to use the Adobe toolkit to handle your image processing and more. Imagine having adobe’s Content Aware Fill and Camera Shake Reductiong available in your instagram or custom app and relying on cloud … Continued

Take Better Mobile Photos with Nova

In my own typical years-behind-everyone fashion, I’ve been getting more and more into Twitter lately. I’m leaning toward using it to exclusively follow other web developers and designers, especially if they’re also in Chicago. Earlier … Continued

Map of the Dead updates available!

You’ve been waiting long enough! Here are Map of the Dead’s new features and upgrades – and what to expect in the next version below! New features: • Improved scanner range control All previous users … Continued

Map of the Dead’s pitch at Technori

[vimeo 60755531 w=660 h=371] Last week we had the pleasure of presenting Map of the Dead, our mobile, location-based, augmented reality zombie killing role-playing game, at the Technori Pitch. In this video we share new … Continued

5 Brands Catching Our Attention on Vine

For those who have been living under a social media rock for the past week, Vine is Twitter’s new video sharing app. The simple app lets users shoot and share six-second looped videos, tapping into the … Continued