An IDEO Props & Thank You!

A gentleman named Beau who works at the design firm IDEO popped into our Cafe Agency on Broadway and knew we were a design agency. We connected right away and he was kind enough to invite us to a party at the new IDEO HQ located at 626 W Jackson, it was a blast. Seeing creative design and business agency’s grow and spread across the globe like IDEO inspires the shit out of me. The space was amazing and the work would make me for sure proud. We were looking at a kidney transplant device they made sitting right next to a product line of soaps and lotions and on the floor near the shelf of creation was a Trek bike that was designed for people who might be afraid of ridding a bike and it just all made so much sense.

So thank you, and I will mail back the prop glasses I ended up wearing all night and walking out with. In the mail.

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