Content Strategy 101: What exactly is content creation?

If you’re looking to build your brand, engage your users and increase conversions, you need to be constantly thinking of content—value-adding sparks, conversation-starters, establishing yourself as an authority—to compliment your product and services. By sharing insights, advice and other solid gold nuggets of information through your online channels, you are becoming a contributor to, and eventually a leader in your industry. 

Now we all know content is important throughout your online presence: your about page, your capabilities/offerings, case studies, testimonials—your basic brochure information. But in addition, are you producing fresh content on your blog and social media outreach? Is it in-line to boost your SEO standing? What reason do users have to keep visiting you? Do your users bookmark you, “like” you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter? These are all questions you need to think about in this digital, super-connected age—and not skimp on. 

Before we start talking about content, let’s make one thing clear: there is no one-size-fits-all approach to content creation. Period. Every company and product has unique needs, unique users and unique opportunities for conversion-leading conversation.

Memorable content not only builds your brand but also ensures long-term repeat users. And then super-users. Above all, while establishing your identity, your values and solutions, your content—blog posts, tweets, web videos, sales sheets, newsletters, etc.—must be authentic and deliberate.

Of course you also want to be engaging conversations, so this means not just creating dynamic content but sharing others as well: reposting blogs, linking to other sites, retweeting, asking questions and responding to user inquires or concerns through social media channels. There’s a “sharing-is-caring” factor to increasing SEO, so be social and have fun. User-generated content is the best content—organize contests, take submissions whenever possible, reward super-users and be gracious to anyone taking the time to praise you.

The big question many of you may be asking now is: What do I blog about? And to know this answer, you must keep an eye on the ever-changing interests and concern your users and target market have. Keep an ear to the ground. You should be regularly visiting dozens of industry blogs and competitor and complimenting sites. Ask yourself: how can I provide the best solutions? What makes me an authority over my competitors? And what’s buzzing in my industry?

For Doejo, we’re in the entrepreneurial, startup and digital agency realm. Aside from our updated case studies, we are contently refreshing our blog with coverage of startup pitch events; panel discussions of interesting creative’s (showing love to other startups/ resources/ entrepreneurs); sharing updates of our new clients and partnerships; and goings on in our coffeeshops, for example. We’re active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our weekly newsletter and relevant industry blogs. And we keep active with sponsorships of events and the hosting of meet-ups.

Specifically, our blog topics have run the gamut in topics: five startups that pitched at Technori Pitch, a profile of how we use JavaScript, a Q&A with a typeface designer we love, coverage of a startup CEO telling his founder story at 1871, six inspiring office spaces in Chicago we love (very photo-heavy), news of our new coffee roaster Bow Truss opening, books we’re reading in the office (interactive with our staff), among others. These are all tweeted out, posted on Facebook, reposted on (a leading entrepreneurial/ startup blog), all while clients and fans in turn “like,” retweet and leave comments for us. The unqiue page views to have never been higher.

From this interaction and engagement, we’ve had new clients come to us after seeing our blog, read our case studies, subscribed to our newsletter or seen our presence at entrepreneurial events. With dynamic content creation, you talk with your users—and potential users—not at them. We see everyday how our clients love us and we jump at the chance to show them love right back.