Doejo does iOS: A look at the apps we’ve built

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Throughout the past couple of years, we’ve worked to bring technology to your finger tips with a variety of iOS apps carefully crafted by our developers and designers. Here’s a look at what we’ve done:

Who Dat Remember the Milton Bradley game Guess Who? We brought it into the 21st Century with social-mobile app Who Dat? Instead of guessing characters form a board of cardboard cartoon characters, you can play the guessing game with your friends or our cast of characters. The app uses Facebook’s API to connect you to friends in order to play the game. The game also allows users to purchase different boards, including a celebrity board, in order to enhance their guessing experience.
Read the case study here.

Map of the Dead – This turn-based zombie game allows your to fight zombies in local businesses. Think of it as an augmented reality role playing game. By using MapBox and FourSquare, the developers at Doejo created Map of the Dead, which allows your character to enter local coffee shop, school, clinic, whatever, to possibly run into a number of zombies based on FourSquare check-ins. Since its launch in April 2012, we’ve gained more than 12,000 likes on Facebook and have been featured in Wired Magazine, Mashable, Gawker and Venture Beat, among others.
Read the case study here.

Vicelight Need advice from your friends fast? Download Vicelight in order to get an answer from your buds’ Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, text and emails. The app merges photo sharing and crowd-sourced advice gathering, allowing you to make decisions like what to wear out on the first date.
Read the case study here.

Body Shop bids This user-friendly interface helps users find the best price when they need auto body repairs. The app prompts users to upload a photo of the damage and gives mechanics the ability to bid from local body shops so you can get your vehicle fixed for the lowest price. The app’s success was even profiled by the Chicago Tribune in January 2012.
Read the case study here.

TextHog Keep track of your expenses on-the-go with TextHog, an internal Doejo project that lets you record expenses, keep track of receipts, plan budgets and create bill reminders. It also makes it easier to view data by compiling it into graphs and spreadsheets through Quicken and QuickBooks.The app was even casted to appear in ABC’s “Shark Tank,” was profiled on CNBC’s “Planet of the Apps,” and was a finalist for the Chicago Innovation Awards for web innovation.
Read the case study here.

Wompin Earn free drinks, food, or discounts at local businesses with Wompin. The app allows you to play a game of chance to hopefully win a prize or discount.
Read the case study here. 

gDine – Plan your next group outing with gDine, an app that mixes the functions of Open Table, Orbitz and Restaurant Week. The easy-to-use app allows groups of 2 – 200 to grab deals on their meals, as well as pay for their check ahead of time, avoiding the “split-the-check” situation.
Read the case study here.

Mouthee – This social recommendation app gives you something to smile about. Mouthee clears out the clutter of other social media reviewing sites like Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare by providing you recommendations made by people in your network that you trust.
Read the case study.

Motionoto – This app “brings the gif back like its 1987.” With Motionoto you can share photos in a whole new way by creating your own gifs on your phone and sharing them with your peeps on social media.

TinyVox – Record, store and listen to MP3 audio files through Twitter SoundCloud, Facebook and Tumblr with TinyVox. And as an added bonus, you can get retro with the spinning tape deck that makes up the app’s aesthetic display.

BookYap – Using a complex algorithm, BookYap pulls together readers’ personality types, as well as favorite authors and books to rethink the book shopping experience. The recommendation-driven book resource is connected to Amazon so users could purchase recommended books based on length, popularity, date and format.

Deals Go Round Still sitting on that Groupon, LivingSocial or BuyWithMe deal you haven’t redeemed yet? Put it on Deals Go Round. This app allows you to sell unused deals and/or purchase other deals. The location-based app allows users to search for deals by expiration date. It was even profiled by the Chicago Tribune, New York Times and Time magazine.

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