Furthering our product development portfolio

We don’t just do great digital product development and retail build-outs, we’re all about the physical. As we enter the new year, expect to see Doejo enter the physical product dev space head on. 

Cashboxer, A new Point of Sale software program for retail stores, cafes and restaurants; a Doejo iPhone case, designed to emphasize the Apple logo with a cutout; and Magna Kissa, a gamer’s bar and café concept we’re working on still on the downlow. And if you thought we were just about creating cafes to show our love for coffee, you’re in for a big surprise later this year!

Global design firm, IDEO has always been an agency we look towards—and the way their designers rethink and reimagine product development as idiomatic solutions. You can’t build a rocket to the edge of the universe without the proper knowledge, funding or purpose; or anything for that matter and that’s how IDEO approaches their work, seeking out these needs, behaviors and desires to build and innovate products, services and experiences. We’d like to think this as an ideal worth emulating.

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