If anyone wants them, let me know

i just remembered, i have 2 skydiving groupons. i think i’m too much of a wuss to ever do it.
if anyone wants them, let me know
it expires June 5- here’s the groupon…

If you are like me, you have undoubtedly purchased a deal from one of the myriad of deal sites out there and found yourself scrambling to use before expiration or even upon the realization that you’d never use the product/service in the first place. (I signed up for what?!)

Enter DealsGoRound, a one-stop-shop for the secondary deal buyer and seller. Sell those deals … find new ones … and now, do it on your iPhone

As recently profiled in Fast Company

A new smartphone app from DealsGoRound helps you take advantage of “Groupon remorse” – social-buying coupons for resale by people who know they won’t ever redeem them.

Kris Petersen, DealsGoRound’s founder and CEO, first got the idea for the the service (whose main incarnation is this website) a few years ago. A Chicago native and early adopter of Groupon, he had purchased a four-person Segway tour of the city for $160, and was certain he’d use it that summer. But the summer came and went, Petersen didn’t use the Groupon–and DealsGoRound was born soon thereafter. “It wasn’t an impulse purchase. I really wanted to go on that Segway tour, and still do to this day,” he tells Fast Company. But the scheduling and weather just didn’t work out, and he could have benefited from the opportunity to sell off his coupon once he realized he wasn’t going to use it.