Introducing Mouthee: A social network for sharing recommendations with friends

It combines the best qualities of Facebook likes, Foursquare check-ins, Twitter shout-outs and Yelp reviews without all the noise and anonymous rants—because sometimes you just want to see what your friends are reading, what restaurants they love or what tunes they have playing on repeat.

Introducing Mouthee, a play off “word of mouth,” and Doejo’s newest iPhone app launch fashioned by founders Chad Silver and David Pritzker.

The concept is simple: Users make recommendations, “Rec it,” of their favorite restaurants, hotels, movies, music and books, all tied into the APIs of Amazon, iTunes, Yelp, Fandango, and OpenTable. These platforms in turn aggregate scores of info into Mouthee’s clean user interface so you can read more about that book through Amazon, sample and download a song from iTunes or make a restaurant reservation through OpenTable, for example.

You can also “Get Rec’s” from Mouthee users or ask a specific user for their rave-worthy hotspot reviews. On the run? Well, Mouthee is location-based too, so when you’re looking for popular finds in your neighborhood, just browse what local Mouthee users are raving about—or avoiding. And if you’re the competitive type among your friends, or fancy yourself the tastemaker of the group, you are rewarded with points and higher rankings for your activity.

For Mouthee’s logo and brand identity, Doejo played off the acronym WOMBAT (“Word of Mouth Based Advocacy Technology”) with a toothy-grinned wombat character. Cute, huh?

Check out some of the logo ideations our design team played around with and download Mouthee for your iPhone today, while it’s still FREE!