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Seth Kravitz reached out to me about doejo in general and I learned that he is looking to round up support and exposure for injecting more culture into the Chicago tech scene with a blog called Technori.  

So far I think Seth is smart and passionate and I really hope Technori takes off as a Chicago tech blog but also an international tech publication that’s Chicago-based. 

Seth feels the same way but with any great start up you have your creative changes and sometimes you listen to the wrong people but you at least take it in. I guess some people think he should have the name be more of a Chicago name, but I think that just caps your growth before you get out of the gate. Is it better to be a worldwide publication that is based out of Chicago or to be a Chicago blog about Chicago tech? 

Start with Chicago, keep the name Technori and grow where ever the sun and wind take you. 

Also we need to have a party in every major metropolis hosted by Technori, Galaist & Haute Closet for starters. 

Thanks for the interview, it was good hanging out and talking about life, looking forward! 

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