The Life of George: How physical Legos integrate with mobile gaming

It has probably been about 10 to 12 years since I’ve played with Legos. Technically banned in my childhood home after one too many incidences of parental injury due to negligent cleanup efforts, I was thrilled when Phil asked me to test out The Life of George. Blending the creativity of physical building with the challenge of a camera phone-integrated iPhone or Android game, The Life of George times kids (and even twentysomething social media directors) while they build objects, animals and scenes from George’s scrapbook. 

The shapes grow more complicated as the scrapbook goes on and there seem to be just enough pieces to make each object. Once the piece is complete, your turtle, tropical drink or hula girl gets placed on the scanning mat (all included) and your mobile camera takes an image to determine your score. Judging the quality of the build and the time in which it was completed, The Life of George issues a star rating and ever-positive “Kinda Awesome” even when you are just barely mediocre. 

All in all, it’s a great idea. Kids these days are inescapably drawn to technology. The Life of George helps parents get their children thinking on their feet, working with their hands and being creative while still satiating their need for cool tech. There’s no reason why it can’t be multiplayer as well, just as long as no pieces of the Life of George get left on the ground. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!