TV’s Missed Opportunity With Social Media

For Christmas I purchased the Google TV. I am super excited about bridging the gap between the hyper intelligent world wide web and the clunky yet cozy “idiot box” TV.

When a company’s creative agency decides or allows a brand to display the facebook logo without an integrated campaign to drive the potential consumer from the television to the social media application – they are missing the point and making a big mistake. Displaying social media logos on TV commercials is exciting for one, because it shows us how important the Internet world we all love is and how it’s forcing old ways to give into the new, but it’s a missed opportunity. There are too many times when a company or creative agency of record does not take the opportunity to leverage such mass syndication with these often healthy creative budgets. Home Depot does not have to tell me they are on facebook because everyone else is doing it and they have to, too. Home Depot should drive me to facebook to continue that very same conversation they were just trying to have.

It is ill advised to follow the mass corporate herd who blindly slap other companies logos onto every marketing effort.

Make it compelling, bring me to your social application because it is a uniquely integrated marketing campaign.

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