UI & HUD VFX for Film

Lately I’ve been blown away by the graphics incorporated into UI and HUD for visual effects in film. It’s an interesting genre of VFX that seems to be getting more and more attention lately when it comes to design and animation. The time, thought, and effort being put into creating well designed interfaces and displays for these fictional future technologies really puts an extra layer of realness into the film, pulling the viewer just a little bit further into the story. There are even individuals now specializing in just Graphics User Interfaces for Visual Effects. Here is a small group of some of my recent favorites.

SIMIAN GUI by Kristoffer Brady

Kristoffer Brady just recently put together a great montage and case study for his work on an upcoming independent film, SIMIAN. With over a decade of experience in design he has now has taken his career towards focused on GUI design and visual effects.

[vimeo 103444239 w=700 h=394]



Guardian’s of the Galaxy – Territory Studio

Territory Studio just recently release a great montage of their GUI work for the latest sci-fi Marvel blockbuster, Guardian’s of the Galaxy. With this movie not only being amazing on its own, Territory did a stellar job with the visual effects. They even created their own type face and alphabet for some of the galactic languages. Check out their case study.

[vimeo 103533906 w=700 h=394]




Gmunk aka Bradley G Munkowitz is probably one of the best all around GUI artists for VFX I know of. A great inside look at the Film’s process, ideology and GFX methodology can be viewed on Creating the World of “Oblivion” (2013) from the lovely folks at The Creators Project. Check out the full case study for Oblivion from Gmunk.

[vimeo 64377100 w=700 h=394]

oblivion_1080p_rip_137_o01 - OBLVN Light Table UI_01_o oblivion_1080p_rip_054_o