VyRT Case Study – Building a custom online live streaming concert experience.

To really amp up the live streaming concert experience, you would need a high quality, interactive and exclusive platform that only a talented artist and performer could conceive of. VyRT, the brainchild of actor and 30 Seconds to Mars lead singer, Jared Leto, has become just that—an exclusive virtual and social concert experience.


The team at Doejo built this video, chat and online ticket-purchasing platform that brings in fans from all over the world. With VyRT, users get to not only live stream performances from big name acts, but gain backstage access (with a VyRT host), view intimate multi-camera shots online (or mobile) and interact live with the artists themselves through integrated Q&A chats.


For this beta build, we used Twitter’s Bootstrap UI to quickly build a stable interface that allowed artists to customize their broadcast VyRT pages. Since VyRT is artist-driven, performances are not marred by sponsors like most streaming models. Simply put, VyRT is a clean design, easily customizable to the featured artist.


Our dev team prepped for many challenging factors in the wake of similar server-crashing livestream events (i.e. the Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly debate a few weeks before) ahead of the deadline of a major Jonas Brothers concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Oct. 11, 2012. We experimented with various white label Pay Per View live streaming platforms, online payment providers for tickets and the latest chat clients to find the perfect solution robust enough for more than 10,000 international users. The VyRT and Doejo team tested the program out during a Jonas Brothers rehearsal and held major events with 30 Seconds to Mars for its tenth anniversary show on August 27 and a Jonas Brothers pre-show live chat on Sept. 28, attracting 6,000 and 10,000 users at full capacity, respectively. As a precaution for the massive traffic and volume, we also prepared back-up streaming, payment and chat platforms, just in case.


To retain users, ticket buyers are also granted access to a one-time re-airing of the show called ReVyRT, so they can re-experience the broadcast and back stage extras. Twitter-like chats and forums remain before, during and after shows on the site for like-minded fans to stay connected too.


From a review on the Examiner on 30 Seconds to Mars’ tenth anniversary show on VyRT: “Not only did I enjoy the performances, discussions, and interactions, I also was quite impressed with the quality. There were absolutely zero interferences, the audio and video were synced perfectly. The quality of the video was beyond amazing!”



VyRT engaged Doejo for



Front-end and Back-end

Social Media Integration

Software Engineering and Architecture


QA Testing

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