Win a survival pack ahead of Map of the Dead – The Game coming this summer

Hello fellow survivors! We know you’re very curious about the Map of the Dead game we’re releasing and we have some news for you.

In the mobile game, coming this summer, you’ll be able to scavenge for supplies and weapons and fight zombies in real-time locations as you go about your daily life. Remember your favorite restaurant after the apocalypse? Maybe you’ll find some cans of food. The convenience store on the corner? Perhaps there’s a pistol hidden inside. Your doctor’s office? Probably zombies. So be armed and ready with that Moltov cocktail you made at a liquor store to get the valuable medical supplies inside.

Think of it as Google Maps and Foursquare meets Dead Island. Every place has the potential to contain supplies you need to survive but also zombies craving brains. You’ll also be able to team up with your friends on missions with special rewards. Go to to see more about the game. 

But why are we telling you now — ahead of the release? Because we’re also running a sweepstakes to give away some awesome merch: Exclusive prizes from The Walking Dead and Skybound Entertainment, including a book signed by creator Robert Kirkman, military-grade iPhone cases from Griffin and custom printed copies of your local map. Each item you complete on our Survival Checklist gets you an additional entry into the sweepstakes. Check out to enter to win.

In order to not overwhelm you with emails we will be posting most updates on Facebook and Twitter, so follow us there to keep up to date.