Zorch — 3D, Animation, and Web Design

Earlier this month, we launched the new Zorch website — a branded merchandising company that has a unique business model where companies are directly connected to the distributor and carry no inventory. For example, there’s a hypothetical company called Nana’s Robes — her logo is an N and she wanted to by t-shirts with the logo on it to give all her employees. Say that she needs 100 of them total. She could go to Zorch to make it happen at exactly 100 shirts, whereas another competitor would make her buy a larger amount, say 200, and force her to keep inventory she might not ever get rid of. Even if she only needed 1 shirt, Zorch delivers.

Zorch came to us to develop a more contemporary feel for their site — to maintain their strong presence in the branded merchandising industry.


Two Types of Audience

One feature we wanted to add to the new site was to make it easier for Zorch to sell to their two different types of audience, as well as catering to their current clients. Focusing on prospect clients :

  1. Procurement — appealing to clients who’s main goals are looking to reduce cost and inventory.
  2. Marketing & Brand — appealing to clients who value the application of their brand on merch, and are looking for the lowest return rate in the industry.

Theses types of clients of course aren’t mutually exclusive but it was important that we create a “portal” to create a more simplified presentation between the two — contrary to meshing both together.




The Animations





“Get Zorched” 3D Neon Sign

Get Zorched is a tagline frequently used within their internal branding. We came across one on Zorch’s asset that provided a pretty fun opportunity. This is a neon sign that we knew we could help bring to life one step further, utilizing Cinema 4D.




Explainer Video

The video department at Doejo also collaborated with Zorch and the design team to create an animated explainer video that presents Zorch’s business model in an entertaining, simple way.

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