TV’s Missed Opportunity With Social Media

For Christmas I purchased the Google TV. I am super excited about bridging the gap between the hyper intelligent world wide web and the clunky yet cozy “idiot box” TV. When a company’s creative agency … Continued

I Am Not Qualified to Write This

Update 1: This post was updated by Darren. Phil has a stream of consciousness that sometimes needs a little red-lining. Enjoy 🙂 Update 2: Actually, this takes a real copywriter. Enter copywriter, April Francis. Her … Continued

Gmail Banner Ads? No!

I use to argue that gmail is better than yahoo because.. well it’s google and they did ads in a classy simple text way. Now Google is doing banner ads in Gmail and I’m not … Continued

Grubhub user experience leaves bad taste.

I can deal with design that is not up to Doejo standards and, in fact, sometimes “bad” is actually charming and good or really simple and useful (see RJ Grunts). Yet, Grubhub makes me work too hard. … Continued

Showing Joe Perillo Body Shop Bids

We make car repair easy, convenient, and transparent. You pay the right price when body shops compete for your business. How It All Got Started Back in 2005, I walked out of Red Lobster to see … Continued

Technori Features Doejo In First Post!

Meet Phil Tadros: The Coffee-House Recruiter Behind Doejo Something’s brewing at this Lakeview interactive agency and 13 other locations around Chicago.   Repost from — Kickstand is one of Phil’s latest coffee shops. Check … Continued

I’m a judge at the midVentures Hackathon

midVenturesLAUNCH Hackathon Developers: Get ready for a shot at the spotlight! Bring your laptops, phones, gadgets and development tools to the midVenturesLAUNCH 2010 Hackathon contest for a chance to bring your ideas to life during … Continued

An IDEO Props & Thank You!

A gentleman named Beau who works at the design firm IDEO popped into our Cafe Agency on Broadway and knew we were a design agency. We connected right away and he was kind enough to invite … Continued