Just go out and get it done, next.

Melissa Pierce is a great example of someone who had an idea and just did it. First time film maker produced “Life In Perpetual Beta” a one hour “documentary film about the ways in which … Continued

Clearly 4G ad campaign a waste of money

Clear “Super Fast Mobile Internet” is spending so much money on it’s marketing campaigns it hurts me. If we were hired to consult and market the Clearwire Corporation, I would make the “Clear 4G” network … Continued

The POS industry is Square

The Point of Sale industry is in for a rude awakening. Similar to the newspaper and magazine industries, it’s too big and too far away from what’s really going on to stay relevant. It seems … Continued

Viral Marketing? Who cares.

You can build a great product and market market market but if you don’t have viral word-of-mouth marketing then no one will care. Creating a real story in the poptech cultural movement with a social … Continued

Mobile Apps World Europe 2010 in London

We at Doejo are pleased to announce our invitation to speak at Mobile Apps World Europe 2010 in London. November 2nd-4th. Looking forward! Mobile Apps World Europe 2010 brings together the world’s major consumer brands, … Continued