2nd Annual Drink ‘n Dev Hackathon

Like free booze and code? Join us for the 2nd Annual Drink N Dev hackathon on October 11th @ 12 noon!  This year Drink N Dev is gonna stick it to The Man! …kinda! Utilizing open repositories … Continued

Reelagram on Techcrunch!

Techcrunch, a leading source for the latest technology news, published an article this morning on a Doejo endevour called Reelagram. Check it out! Reelagram is the brainchild of Doejo co-founders Phil Tadros and Darren Marshall. … Continued

TechWeek Chicago and Science Box

I had a chance to head into the city proper and peruse all the budding and established companies competing down at Techweek Chicago 2014. I also ran into a fellow Doejo’r who was exhibiting his … Continued

Doejo in the news

Curious what we do and how we do it? Check out this recent interview with our founder, the ever-entrepreneurial Philip Tadros, as he shares his perspective on the burgeoning start-up community in Chicago and the rise … Continued

iOS 7.11

Check out this very thorough “cheat sheet” for designing with ios. How To Get Ex Back After Bad Break Up Thanks for the resource http://ivomynttinen.com/ ! Ivo, you one. zp8497586rq

The Blank Sheet Project

“All creative people are aware of the unique challenge posed by the screaming silence of a Blank Sheet of Paper. It is a call to arms and an opportunity: an opportunity to create something lasting … Continued


Horoscopes began with the ancient Greeks. They believed a person’s life was pre-determined and predictable by the positioning of certain heavenly bodies and constellations present at the time of a person’s birth. Today they are … Continued