The many faces of Jeff Merrick…

We had a party last night. Jeff was there… and there… and everywhere. Watch out Tyra… looks like you’ve got some fierce competition. Stay tuned for more party pics from the HOMELESS COP Kickstarter Party!!!

Homeless Cop Kickstarter Party!

A show full of awesome music and talented voice actors like Greg Hollimon (Strangers With Candy) and Mancow. This is really unlike anything on TV right now! With help from Doejo, ALL of the audio, … Continued

Crazy Chicago Weather

  Crazy weather in Chicago. A nice collage of images captured by random peoples in the Chicago area. This is the day after golf ball size hail pummelled Chicago last night.

Hey Mos Def, meet TinyVox

Srini Kumar is one scrappy entrepreneur. And we mean that as a compliment. He’s super excited about his latest project, an app built by Doejo: TinyVox — which digitally records sound bites into MP3’s right … Continued

fresh apple jam

One of my favorite things about getting a new apple computer is the intro jam. 

Awesome Local Breweries

I’m a designer. I eat, sleep and breathe design all day–everyday. I find that I can’t even look at anything without analyzing its design, and thinking about why a designer, or artist, would do something … Continued

Midwest Is Best!

Iowa is not all farmers and cornfields… many people think….theres soybeans too..and also cows….and a REALLY great music scene….you can stop laughing now.—Being a transplant from Des Moines, I thought I’d rep a Des Moines … Continued

Good Google-y Moogily

Did you know Google has a team of “Google Doodlers” whose job is literally to create & re-design the Google logo to form those very playful & very successful “Google Doodles” on the Google homepage? … Continued

TV’s Missed Opportunity With Social Media

For Christmas I purchased the Google TV. I am super excited about bridging the gap between the hyper intelligent world wide web and the clunky yet cozy “idiot box” TV. When a company’s creative agency … Continued

50 cents worth

Or rather…50 things Every Graphic Design-er Student Should Know. Good advice spreads. Check out Designer/Illustrator Jamie Wiecks blog post with very useful tips on the profession, accompanied by simple-cute illustrations. And If you yourself are … Continued

Happy Holi-Blaze

hehe. Yes, it is April 20th, a.k.a 420: a holiday to some, an immature humorous way to reference “easter grass”or “getting blazed” or “munchies”, and to most of the public, a-roll-of-the-eye annoyance in their already … Continued

The Analog Hardware Startup

Product development and design are often top of mind for startups.  Most of the time startups are dealing with software, but what about hardware startups? One of our friends, Michael Una, recently launched a hardware … Continued