Gantt chart

Gantt Charts in Web Development

Gantt charts are timeline-based and commonly used as a strategic map for executing processes across a planned period. They may include milestones, tasks, and references to project variables or goals. They are commonly recommended as … Continued

minimum viable product

Web Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

Minimum viable products (MVPs) are new product versions which barely encompass a range of targeted features. Developers can strategically use them to emphasize learning integrations in development while minimizing resource use. The MVP approach helps … Continued

Use Cases in Web Development

Use cases are written descriptions of how users use something, and in the case of web developments, they have been applied to software use. They include descriptions of the nature of software reactions and potentials, … Continued

WP: The CMS of Choice

WordPress is commonly known for being a cost-effective solution to website demands, being free or generally inexpensive to use. Completely free users can potentially create a business domain at the price of having the WordPress … Continued

Web 3.0: The Semantic Internet

The development of internet software and features has evolved past the improved collaborative capacities of Web 2.0 to new heights in what has been referred to as Web 3.0, although it may not necessary be … Continued

UX Writing

UX writing is the written content that is required to generate messages in software applications, including selectable features, instruction and error messages, and menu area labelling. It is critical in describing program elements in operation, … Continued

Web Development in 2021

Web development has evolved significantly in the past couple of years, avoiding plateauing amid creations of PWA, VEP, and improved AI and UI amid general software features. The continuation of web development through the year … Continued

Rise of Clubhouse

Drop-in Audio App Traditionally speaking, social media platforms have operated on the premise of openness and inclusivity to cast the widest net and capture the largest network of users as possible. Twitter has long been … Continued

How to design an algorithm

By: Adam Conrad If you missed my previous article, I’m going to spend a series of articles providing notes as I audit Steven Skiena’s CSE 373 Analysis of Algorithms class. In the first lecture, Skiena mentions you … Continued