Take Better Mobile Photos with Nova

In my own typical years-behind-everyone fashion, I’ve been getting more and more into Twitter lately. I’m leaning toward using it to exclusively follow other web developers and designers, especially if they’re also in Chicago.

Earlier this week I started following fellow Chicago transplant Joe Walnes (@joewalnes) who shortly thereafter made mention of his forthcoming invention Nova. Nova is a credit card-sized hand-held camera flash for use with iOS and Android devices. Nova was successfully funded via Kickstarter last fall and is currently available to pre-order at wantnova.com.

Phil Tadros - Founder
Founder of Doejo an award winning Innovation Studio and INC 5,000 Company. Tadros also Founded and Manages Space by Doejo a Co-working loft in River North. Tadros was featured on CNBC “Planet of the Apps” and a Moxie Award winner. Tadros’s ability to build and support strong, diverse teams with collaborative cultures, coupled with preference for innovation, has made him an authority on design and technology.