Advertising on Facebook 101

How would advertising on Facebook benefit my company, you may wonder scrolling your personal feed. If you’ve already looked into it, you’ll find opinions on Facebook ads are many and vary greatly. It can be … Continued

View our rebranding of AJ Capital Partners

Chicago-based hotel development and investment firm, AJ Capital Partners approached Doejo to rebrand and revitalize its online presence and identity to parallel its world-class luxury hotels. AJC wanted its site to essentially align with its hip, … Continued

The Value of Copywriting in a Digital Age

The Twittersphere is full of quick-witted gurus sounding off in 140 characters or less. In this digital age people are saying less and less, but what does that mean for brands? Social media, however far … Continued

Doejo Workshops: Marketing tips from our SEO pro

Internet Marketing can make or break your company. Having the right landing page and purchasing certain keywords can make all the difference. On Wednesday our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist Kenny Mazursky showed us how to … Continued

Introducing Vamoose Tattoo Removal

From the ground up, Doejo was tasked with building a brand with a new concept—Chicago’s first exclusive tattoo removal company. Our team of designers, developers, copywriters and photographers created everything Vamoose Tattoo Removal needed to … Continued