Doejo Dev Sessions: Google Maps API

After briefly mentioning API’s in our previous Doejo Dev sessions blog post on the value and functionality of JavaScript, we decided to explain how we have used API’s in our projects. This post will focus … Continued

Doejo staffers geek out over first web sites

This week we asked the Doejo staff about their first blog or web development memory.  This could be Geocities/Angelfire sites, punk band music forums, or MP3 file sharing sites that got a recording industry cease … Continued

Doejo is a WordPress Featured Partner

It’s no secret that we are big WordPress fans here at Doejo. As “Automattic Code Poets,” we’ve engendered some audacious but simply functional WordPress products—from Local TV and Chicago Athletic Clubs to The Snackpot and … Continued

New Chicago Athletic Clubs site launched

We just launched the Chicago Athletic Clubs site this week—check out the gym’s new online home! The Client: Chicago Athletic Clubs. Starting in Evanston, IL. in 1980, and now expanded to the Lincoln Park, Lakeview, … Continued

Introducing the CSS Box Model tee

If you’ve spent any time in web design, you know the CSS Box Model is king (or in my case queen). There are plenty of girls out there pounding the keys, making awesome stuff. I’m … Continued