Content Strategy 101: What exactly is content creation?

If you’re looking to build your brand, engage your users and increase conversions, you need to be constantly thinking of content—value-adding sparks, conversation-starters, establishing yourself as an authority—to compliment your product and services. By sharing … Continued

Introducing Creatureopolis and the Chicago Beast

Metropolis has Superman. Gotham City’s got Batman. But who will defend the Second City (that’s not some alien-planet-outsider or trust-fund one-percenter)? That’s where the Chicago Beast comes in, the first Frankenstein’s monster-esque creation by new … Continued

Building software as a custom business solution

At Doejo, we’re constantly creating custom solutions to everyday problems, or simply finding ways to make software more efficient—Like platform applications improving the way you organize audio recordings, or find affordable body shops for car … Continued

Front Stage Posse

Roy Jumbo is trying to change the way music fans enjoy live shows at crowded festivals, like Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo. So how did Mr. Jumbo go about broadcasting his message to the world?  By … Continued

Meet Doejo Russia

For those familiar with our humble web agency, or have worked with our team, you know we take pride in our Russian roots. While our staff originated with UX specialists and developers, Timur, Roman, Dan, … Continued

StartupBus & Yeah Super, a clothing co. built on culture

As Phil travels with the 3-day startup incubator completion, StartupBus, road tripping from Boston to Austin—his team is putting the finishing touches on their business plan before presenting at SXSW’s Startup Village tomorrow. Introducing: Yeah Super—a way … Continued