A better way to buy radio ads

Audio advertising is a $40 billion business every year. But, as marketing managers get used to the hands-on control and real-time reporting they get from platforms like Google AdWords, old methods of audio ad placement and tracking are quickly becoming outdated. Jelli has built the industry’s largest audio advertising technology platform, streamlining the buying, selling, and publishing of audio ads for broadcast radio. Jelli technologies now deliver ads to more than 1,200 radio stations nationally.

Jelli asked Doejo to design and build a new marketing website that compliments the disruptive technology firm’s innovative platform and to coincide with the launch of their demand-side advertising platform (codename Spearmint). What we ultimately delivered, is a fully integrated UX and content project including a total brand refresh for which we provided a comprehensive brand guide including custom icons, photography, and video. Learn more about Doejo video and motion graphics.


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