Bespoke time tracking

Our time is valuable so we created Time Lord, a better way to measure it.

Agencies like ours should be masters of time, but it really doesn’t always happen like that. When we’re in the trenches, the last thing we want to think about is how our time tracking solution is trying to micromanage us. We know that we need to track time to be able to generate reports and monitor trends in a useful way.

At Doejo, we’re big fans of Basecamp. Unfortunately, out of the box, it doesn’t offer much in the way of time tracking–short of a couple of integrations with 3rd party services. Those services didn’t really cut the cloth for us, and so we set out to build our own solution, that would easily answer the questions we were asking.

In about 2 weeks we created a Ruby on Rails app and companion Chrome extension. We used D3.js libraries for charts and were able to import all our historical data from Basecamp.


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